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Cristi Martin


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Why work with me?

Hiring a copywriter is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner.

Professionally-written, persuasive emails and ads mean more click throughs. More clicks mean more conversions. And more conversions means a happy business owner. That's you!

For my fellow list makers, hiring a copywriter will have you crossing off tasks left and right.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Okay…maybe not as good as boosting sales, but a very close second.

Trained by The Creative Copywriter Academy, I work with small businesses to establish a powerful brand voice that engages your audience, builds authority, and most importantly increases your sales.

First, I get to know your audience and what motivates them to take action. Next, I craft a winning campaign that helps you establish long-lasting relationships and keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Ready to get started?

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Hi there. I’m Cristi, a former small business owner and stay-at-home mom, turned copywriter based in Tulsa, OK.

You started your business with a vision. And, I’m guessing that vision didn’t include spending half your time writing emails, newsletters, blogs, and ad campaigns.

That’s where I can help!

Turns out, stay-at-home momming helped me build a unique skillset that lends itself flawlessly to copywriting.

Let’s just say if I can convince my daughters to eat their vegetables, imagine how persuasive I can be with your audience.

And as a former business owner, I get the juggle struggle. Managing all the spinning plates on your own is a recipe for burn out.

Persuasive, organized, and goal-oriented, I am ready to write copy that delivers for your business.

About Me

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Website Copywriting

There’s no substitute for a killer website. But, if your messaging isn’t laser-focused, you might be losing valuable opportunities to engage your leads. I will energize your website with copy that inspires your viewers to stick around and explore.

Email Marketing

I'll get your leads primed to take action with value-driven, captivating emails that will have readers clicking. And clicking. And clicking.

Blogging + Content Writing

I write blogs that educate, inspire, and entertain all while establishing brand trust and loyalty with your audience. Two birds one stone? Heck yes!


Need something else?

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“I have a strong passion for my work, and I was excited to work with a professional to help me and my product connect to my audience. I knew little about email marketing and capturing the voice I wanted. I was eager to seek a professional to help turn my passion into something others could understand.

In our meetings, Cristi continually asked good questions, provided helpful responses to my questions, and always offered constructive feedback on my contributions. She is easy to communicate with and always shares her copy or feedback on time. She also helped me better understand marketing and email copywriting, which I appreciate as I love growing my skills.

Cristi sharpened my business marketing significantly in ways that will reap the rewards for years. I now have helpful resources, new knowledge, and a superb copywriter to support my business’s growth.”

-Andrew Geary, Founder Treasuremint

Textured Riso First Place Medal

Winner of The Creative Copywriter Academy Summer 2023 Email Competition

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Step 1


Discovery Call

Book a free discovery call and let's get to know each other. We’ll discuss goals, timelines, and budget. After our call, I will send you a project proposal and quote. As soon as I get the green light from you, I will get to work.

Step 2

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Step 3

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At this point, you’ll find me hovering over my keyboard, crafting the most compelling piece of copy possible. After writing, editing, and polishing the piece to perfection, I'll send the draft on to you for approval.

High Fives

Once the project is complete, I will send you the finished piece as well as the final invoice. You’ll have a strategic piece of copy ready to go to bat for your business. High-fives all around!

Ready to get started?

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Want to work with me? Great! I was hoping you'd say that.

Message me and let’s talk copy. Or persuasion techniques for children.

Send me an email and I’ll respond within 48 hours. Or book a no-strings-attached discovery call, when you're ready to get down to business.